GermSafe24 Antimicrobial Protective Film 5”x36 ft. Roll


Style: GermSafe24 Translucent Medical Blue
Sale price$390


GermSafe24 Antimicrobial Protective Film is embedded with a safe, non-toxic EPA registered Nano Silver additive. Our proprietary technology provides a continuous, slow release of germ and bacteria fighting ions on the film surface 24/7 for up to 6 months, even on high contact surfaces. GermSafe24 Antimicrobial film is the perfect cost saving addition to your infection control/cleaning protocol, offering continuous cleaning! Unlike other antimicrobial films that use silver salts or zeolites which dissolve in water and lose efficacy, our technology continues to release silver ions for 180 days and SAVES on labor with only 1 application per 6 months. Made in the USA.


Apply to grab bars, crash bars, faucets, flushers, shower safety bars, wall railings, light switches and more!

Each GermSafe24 Antimicrobial Protective Film  5”x36 ft. Roll includes (6) GermSafe24 Decals. 

Laboratory tested to JIS Z 2801 standards against Staphylococcus and E. Coli to 99.99% reduction within 24 hours. Testing was conducted by a qualified lab and for research purposes only. No testing has been conducted to link the results to public health and no claims to public health are being made.



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