About Us…….

GMZ Associates, Ltd., the parent company of GermSafe24 LLC was founded in 1998 with a primary focus on wellness.  Believing that our overall health begins with proper oral hygiene, our focus was on preventing inflammation associated with gum disease which can lower the body’s resistance to infection.

Creating a convenient, simple way to maintain proper oral hygiene anytime, anywhere…  was the mantra in the development of ReadyBrush.  This patented, prepasted reusable toothbrush has sold more than 125,000,000 toothbrushes to date. Today we offer an extended product line of ReadyBrush and other unique oral care products which contribute to a healthy mouth and as a result a healthier You!

Through the years, as our focus on health and wellness expanded, a we began to study the impact of germs and bacteria on our day to day environment.  Germs are everywhere and our exposure to them can seriously impact our health and well being.  We researched the various products used to kill germs.  We evaluated product safety, efficacy, kill times, institutional/residential needs, and cost effectiveness. 

We are most excited to introduce our specialty line of patented antimicrobial products which have been developed specifically to provide a safer environment and stop the spread of germs.  Our corporate culture continues to focus on your health and wellness.  We look forward to assisting you in meeting your infection control needs.